flexible scapes places the experience of a walk at the centre of an interactive audiovisual installation. For this, walks are filmed from a first-person perspective and high-quality audio recordings of the environments (3D audio) are created.

flexible scapes
flexible scapes

media installation

During the Corona pandemic, many people created a free space within the spatial and social restrictions of the lockdown by strolling in urban areas or in nature. Strolling creates space for free thinking. It draws attention to hearing, seeing and smelling the immediate surroundings, and sometimes the steady movement helps us to slip into a kind of meditative flow state.

Users walk on a mechanical treadmill equipped with a speed sensor and biofeedback sensors in an audiovisual environment. While the video level moves along the filmed reality in first-person view, the sound level is a hybrid of field recordings and an adaptive sound composition - open to change through user behaviour. The abstract audio material of this composition associatively interprets the landscapes in which the real walks took place. What sounds and how is determined by the change in walking pace and the biofeedback of the user's body; at the same time, the head movement of the walkers is tracked by a camera. This data output controls a sound event whose "personalised" dynamics reinforce the feeling of being in the middle.

Flexible Scapes aims to create an augmented sonic reality through the mediatised perception of landscapes and soundscapes, into which sound fragments generated by physical participation in the process are infiltrated. In analogy to the wandering thoughts during a real walk, at the moment of interaction with the installation, the perceptive events are formalised and (in a kind of feedback loop) made the basis of themselves.


Project start 2021

Ein Projekt von

Fränk Zimmer


Supported by Ministère de la Culture, Luxemburg.