I work with interactive media art.

For me, my art works according to a model where on one side there is a concept and an exploratory offer. On the other side, there is an audience waiting to discover an artistic work. In interactive media art, there is usually a technical arrangement between these two poles.

What is special about the genre of media art is that the experience is not only created by looking at or listening to it, but by involving the recipient in an existing setting. Through interaction with this setting, the audience now experiences its own efficacy. The work gives the impulse to create a deep experiential reality through one's own aesthetic experience in the interaction with objects or other people on site.

In my work I have focused on different aspects: electro-mechanical real-time music systems, volatility or long-term archiving of information, interfaces at the intersection of social research/media art or mediatized perception of landscape.

Frank Zimmer