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A sounding 360-degree tour through the ORF Funkaus Vienna.


Presentation of the ORF musikpotokoll dynamic streaming project at the EBU Digital Media x New Radio Days. | 09-10 Dec 2021 - online

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The 54th edition of the festival "ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst" with 25 world premieres and 18 Austrian premieres was an exciting nomadic journey into the most diverse contemporary sound worlds. Top international and Austrian ensembles, musicians, composers and sound artists were guests in Graz from 7 to 10 October and offered a varied, exciting programme of the new and as yet unheard. I just finished the multicam editing. So ready to try out the project.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, many art projects were relocated from physical spaces to the internet in order to remain present in the public consciousness. tingles & clicks /graz goes in the opposite direction: conceived in 2020 as an online work, the project is being realized in 2021 as an interactive installation at the MUMUTH in Graz. Here, using commissioned works in which outstanding musicians create sound environments, it places lost corporeality at its center.

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Start of my new project flexible scapes places the experience of a walk at the centre of an interactive audiovisual installation. For this, walks are filmed from a first-person perspective and high-quality audio recordings of the environments (3D audio) are created.


For the Styria show I have composed several audio signatures (sound miniatures). The raw material is based on 1 litre of water that I took from the Styrian river "Mur".

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In this EBU-European Broadcasting Union session we’re exploring some of the ideas that broadcasters have had in recent years to bring immersive audio to their audience.

Moderation: Huw Robinson, Operations Manager, Music, BBC Audio
With Fränk Zimmer, Producer and Co-Curator, ORF musikprotokoll / Matthias Frank, Sound Engineer, IEM - Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics / Chris Pike, BBC R&D / Tom Parnell, Technical Producer, BBC